Private Flamenco lessons in Madrid

There´s a lot of people in the world who travel to Spain in order to learn Flamenco or to improve their level. Here we recieve people from Japan, Sweden, Germany, Brazil… Flamenco is worldwide and this is the best proof of it.

If you are spending some holidays in Madrid and you want to try with some flamenco lessons. Don´t hesitate: try! Everybody how tries flamenco falls in love with it. The first results can come in the first class, of course if you give your best.

If you are used to travel to Madrid to have Flamenco lessons you will know «Amor de Dios«, the main Flamenco Center in this city. I give my Flamenco lessons there and, of course, I will be very pleased to receive you in my class or, if you prefer, we can have a private session.

I am a professional «bailaora» since 2004 and flamenco teacher since the same year. I have travelled all around the world dancing in the «Compañía Aida Gómez» and in the «Compañía de Danza Miguel Ángel Berna». So, be sure you will  learn with a professional. You can see some photos of my lessons by clicking here and some photos of me following this link.

In conclusion, if you are in Spain and want to have Flamenco lessons in Madrid, please, think about me. We can arrange the time and date that suit better for you.

You can contact me by emailing this address: . (English is spoken). I will try to solve any doubt you have.

Meanwhile, a photo:

2 comentarios en “Private Flamenco lessons in Madrid

    • Hola Fernanda gracias por contactar conmigo!

      Lo que tenemos ahora son clases regulares todo el mes de julio, clases particulares y un curso intensivo en el mes de agosto los días 3,4 y 5. Te paso toda la información a tu correo electrónico por si las fechas te cuadran ok?

      Un beso

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